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Top 5 UX Agencies


If you’re in the market for a top UX agency, there are several things you should keep in mind before you hire them. Firstly, you should look into their portfolio. Make sure they have some great work – but not just of big companies! The portfolios of good UI/UX agencies will showcase real products. This means that they’ve encountered common problems in the field. If you want to be sure that you’re hiring the right agency, read the following article.

Experience Dynamics

Founded in 2001, Experience Dynamics specializes in crafting better user experiences. Their UX practice is based on years of experience and real-world research. In addition to creating better user experiences, their users understand the emotion behind those experiences. In fact, they focus on training technology leaders, so you can be assured that they’ll make your product or website better. Read on to learn more about Experience Dynamics. Here are some of the reasons they’re a top UX agency.


The neuron is one of the top UX design agencies in Silicon Valley. The company has worked with companies like Sony and Harvard University to create unique products that have a strong market appeal and good future prospects. They have experience in architectural design and understand the complexities of the user experience. Because of their backgrounds, they anticipate and address any challenges that may arise when building a new product. And their designers follow the UX architectural guide as they build.


Remotion is a leading UX design agency that has been in business since 2009. Their specialities include app development, branding, and design systems. Their clients include startups such as Avast and Facebook. Their unique process starts with discovery and dives into UI and UX audits. From there, they develop a standard library of UI elements. Remotion intentionally works with small teams to empower startups, and they have received more than $750M in funding.


Based in Ukraine, Eleken is a full-service UI/UX design, branding, and development agency. Its clients include Fortune 100 companies, Silicon Valley unicorns, and startups. Eleken is a highly skilled design and development firm with a focus on web and mobile applications. The firm works with startups and global companies to help them create innovative products and services. As a member of the Accenture Interactive network, Eleken strives to create experiences that enhance people’s lives and businesses.

Slide UX

If you’re looking for a top UX agency in Austin, TX, look no further than Slide UX. Founded in 2009, this family-owned design firm employs about 15 people to create user-centric designs for websites and digital applications. Its services range from wireframing and prototyping to information architecture and persona creation. The firm has worked with companies of all sizes and has a strong reputation for delivering quality work. In fact, one client hired Slide UX to design a ticketing system for TicketCity. The team then created design prototypes for the system, collected client feedback, and delivered a final design.

Work & Co

Founded by former Huge partners, Work & Co is a New York-based technology and design company. They’ve designed products and websites for clients as diverse as Virgin America, Procter & Gamble, Google, Ikea, and Planned Parenthood. Work & Co is regularly entrusted with the development of new digital products for brands such as Virgin America, Google, Planned Parenthood, and eBay.

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