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Shame Application and Smutty BL Manhwa


If you have never heard of the cursed app or Smutty BL manhwa, you need to do so. The apps command users to engage in sexual acts and then punish them when they do not. They are not the only victims, though. This article will give you more information about them. There are also details about how they were covered by the media. To find out more about the coverage of the show, read on! There are plenty of examples of their negative impact on society.

Cursed app

The “Cursed” shame application is a popular manga series written by Fujoking, which has gained a following among a variety of fans. The application demands that you perform certain sexual acts, and if you don’t follow the instructions it will shame you. Nohae and her best friend, Yeong, became victims of the app when they both decided to kiss one another. The two best friends were then forced to hide the kissing incident because the app continued to shame them for disobeying the application.

Smutty BL manhwa

If you’re a fan of the smutty side of manga, then you should definitely check out Shame Application. This webtoon by Fujoking is a BL romance story about two friends, Jiwon and Sinnoh, who receive a code to download an app. They download the app on their phones, and the app then gives them commands and then punishes them for disobeying them. It is a great read for anyone who enjoys a bit of smuggling.

Commands users to perform sexual acts

The manga series Shame Application is one of the most popular webtoons of all time. It is also known as DirtyVibration or ShameApplication. It was created by Fujoking and released as an OnGoing webtoon in 2014. The manga is about a woman who uses her cell phone to download a mysterious application that commands her to perform various sexual acts. The main character, Jiwon, is a young woman who lives with her boyfriend Sinnoh and downloads it onto her phone. The story begins when Sinnoh performs a sex act on Jiwon, which causes him to download the app.

The shame application is a popular webcomic which demands that its users perform certain sexual acts. Users must follow its instructions or else be punished. The app can also punish users for disobeying its commands, such as deleting the app. This is the reason why the “cursed” app has received such widespread attention. Despite the popularity of this webcomic, it is not without its detractors. For example, “Shame Application” made best friends Yeong and Nohae kiss each other in public.

Punishes those who disobey or delete it

This manga has received a lot of attention, and a lot of it is related to the phenomenon of “Shame Application”, where users are commanded to perform sexual acts and are punished if they do not follow through. The series was created by Fujoking, and the first chapter is already translated into English. If you’d like to read it, you can visit isekaiscan.com, which has over 60 chapters available to read online.

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