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If you’re considering selling your lilies on Lily Auction, you should be aware of some of the rules that you should follow before you place your first bid. Bidding with a wrong or invalid email address is against the site’s rules, and you will be banned from Lily Auction if you attempt to do so. Listed below are some of the most important rules to follow when using Lily Auction:

Daylily Exchange

The daylily exchange has an annual auction in March. Many members bring perennials, shrubs, and bulbs from their gardens to auction off. These items include Northern Hardy Daylilies and other types of daylilies. For cash, the Daylily Exchange will accept the donations from members. The next auction is scheduled for March 29th in Region 11.

Listing fee

When you’re preparing to list your items for sale on Lily Auction, you must keep a few things in mind. Lily Auction has strict guidelines regarding their products and services. If you’re not sure what these guidelines are, you can read the Lily Auction User Agreement to learn more about their policies. You’re also responsible for following all of them. If you don’t follow them, you should not list your items on Lily Auction.

First of all, you should never bid more than once on an item. Lily Auction reserves the right to block your account if you use aliases or a fake email address. This is not acceptable behavior and will result in a ban from Lily Auction. Once your listing is expired, you can re-list the item again if you’d like. However, if you’ve placed more than one item for auction, you’ll have to pay the listing fee again.

After you’ve completed the process, you can start posting your items on Lily Auction. You’ll need to be a registered user and click the “Add a New Item Here” link at the bottom of the page. After clicking the link, you’ll need to fill out an on-line form with the information about your item. This form will be used to post your items on Lily Auction. Once your auction is posted, you’ll receive notification by email and have an opportunity to contact the buyers.

Lily Auction will record the information about the sale in archived and closed auctions. You’ll also receive emails when your listing is sold, including the buyer and seller’s contact information. If you’ve sold an item through Lily Auction, you’ll be paid a commission for the services. The Lily Auction user’s commission is very reasonable. This is one of the benefits of Lily Auction and you should be sure to sign up for it.

You can link to all of your listed items with images. Images must be 1000K or smaller. When uploading them to the Help Desk, keep in mind that the images will appear in 18px font (the old 14px font was smaller). When uploading the image to Lily Auction, you must be the owner of the image. You must post images of multiple blooming daylilies and daylily clumps.

Payment procedures

Lily Auction users must update their contact information whenever it changes. Inaccurate or dead email addresses will result in your registration being suspended. To change this information, simply fill out the Change Registration form at the bottom of the Lily Auction site. The form allows you to change your password, email address, and other contact information. Be aware, however, that you cannot change your username through this form. In this case, you will need to contact Lily Auction for the appropriate change.

You may not use descriptions from published catalogs for items in your Lily Auction listing. If you do, you must give credit to the hybridizer. In the event that you use a published catalog for describing an item, you are obliged to include a link to the catalogue. If you do use the description, it must be descriptive of the hybridizer and the name of the hybridizer who created the item. You will need to pay a deposit to complete the transaction.

To list an item on Lily Auction, you must first register as a member. Once you’re registered, click on the “Add a new item” link on the website. Then, read the instructions carefully and fill out the “Post new item” on-line form. Your listing will be displayed once the payment has been made and verified. Be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully so you won’t lose anything.

Default policies on payment are a way for sellers to avoid getting into trouble. Sellers can prevent buyers from bidding on their items again by blocking them in the future. Lily Auctions can also apply other rules, such as banning buyers from bidding on future items. As long as you contact the Lily Auction administrator if your buyer has not paid their purchase, you will receive a notification. There is also a mechanism to notify buyers that their payment has been canceled for any reason other than non-payment.

Lily Auction’s automated system, known as Lilybot, will send e-mails to the seller and winning bidder within 10 minutes of the auction ending. To prevent snipers from grabbing a last-second bid, Lilybot will also hide maximum bids so only the bidder knows the displayed bid amount. The displayed bid amount can be up to one increment higher than the previous bidder’s maximum bid, but it can never exceed the maximum bid.

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