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Desk Booking System and Office Hoteling Software


If your company wants to improve employee productivity and retention, you should implement a desk booking system and office hoteling software. These tools automate the process of making desk reservations for employees and help you track and monitor them. Ensuring that desk reservation requests are approved automatically and monitored by the office manager can help you create a culture of office hoteling. Furthermore, booking desk software and field service reporting software can be an integral part of onboarding new employees.


The DeskFlex desk booking system and office hoteling application are powerful tools for facilitating booking and managing office space. It offers features to help you manage your staff’s safety and health. For example, the platform can keep track of COVID test results and proof of vaccinations. It also has tools for contact tracing. With these tools, you can easily find out if an employee has come into contact with someone who has the disease.

Desk booking, also known as hot-desk booking, is an important tool for thriving hybrid workplaces. The Envoy hot desk booking software makes it simple to create a successful hybrid environment by allowing employees to book desks when they’re on-site. This software can be accessed via a web-based booking platform or a mobile app.


Ronspot is a desk-booking system that integrates with human resources systems, desk sensors, and busy lights. It is ISO 27001 certified and incorporates robust data security processes. In addition, it works with Ronspot Parking, a service that allows companies to manage parking spaces and resources. It also integrates with automatic number plate reading cameras.

Ronspot offers a 30-day free trial and a free demo. It also offers a premium plan with limited features.


The WorkInSync desk booking system and office-hotel software offer a full suite of features to improve workplace efficiency and productivity. It can manage employee scheduling, desk booking, and parking slots. The software also offers deep analytics to improve employee productivity. It is used by 350,000 employees in more than 180 companies around the world.

Desk booking software is the perfect solution for organizations that have flexible working environments. Its powerful features make it the right solution for businesses looking to improve employee satisfaction and reduce overhead costs. You can choose from a wide range of features to suit your needs and budget.

Ronspot analytics

If you’re looking for an office hoteling software solution that improves your productivity and makes your employees happier, you may want to look into the Ronspot desk booking software. The system is designed to provide employees with the autonomy they need to make bookings, while also ensuring that each person has the same amount of desk time. In addition, the program has an ingenious cancellation system that prevents overbooking.

Ronspot offers a suite of intelligent solutions to help companies manage their office space and parking. It includes features for booking desks, parking spots, and meeting rooms, as well as reporting tools and insights into daily occupancy and parking violations. Users can also enjoy the convenience of instant confirmation, GDP-compliant security, and a host of other features.

Envoy’s hot desk booking software

Envoy’s hot desk booking software enables companies to manage their workspaces and makes desk booking a breeze. With the help of its suite of tools, organizations can optimize their workspace layouts and keep their real estate costs down. Its free, basic plan includes features like sign-in and hosts notifications. The standard and premium versions also add features like badge printing, customizable greetings, access-control integrations, and more.

Hot desk booking software can facilitate collaboration and empower teams and managers to work more efficiently. With it, team members can collaborate on the same document, share files, manage tasks, and see where their coworkers are. It also allows remote workers to customize their workspace and collaborate without a physical presence.

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