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How to Convert an EU Shoe Size to a US Shoe Size

You want to know how to convert your European shoe size to the US equivalent? It is not an impossible task, but it is not always easy to figure out which size to use. To convert one European shoe size to another, you will need to multiply the US size by 33. For example, if you wear a US shoe size nine, the equivalent EU size will be 42. The following tables show how to convert an EU shoe size to a US size.

European shoe size is 38,40,42

To find out what your European shoe size is, use a conversion chart to convert US sizes to European ones. For example, a UK size 8 is a European size 42. In contrast, a size 41 is 7.5 and a size 40 is a US size 6. If you are buying a pair of shoes for someone else, you’ll need to order a half-size larger than what your normal US size is.

When converting US sizes to European sizes, you’ll need to know the length of the last of the shoe in millimeters. Then, divide this measurement by two-thirds to get the size of your shoe in inches. You can find the European equivalent of your shoe size by typing the desired number into a text box or selecting it from a table. Make sure to double-check your conversion before you leave your home!

The conversion chart for US sizes is useful if you’re planning to travel to Europe or simply need to find a suitable pair of shoes. The charts show you the equivalent European size for each U.S. size. They also include men’s, women’s, and kid’s sizes. If you’re shopping for shoes for a man, you’ll likely need a size bigger than your usual size. Fortunately, there are European shoe size conversion charts available.

Besides US and EU shoe sizing differences, many companies are now manufacturing their shoes in the European system. However, this practice is not a perfect solution. Some retailers have gone too far in converting sizes and are misleading customers. Moreover, shoe sizes can vary greatly between different brands. To help consumers, these companies have created an online converter to convert US sizes to European ones. The table also includes information on how to find the right shoe size for your feet.

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