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Destiny 2 Update Today


Destiny 2 Update Today

The latest Destiny 2 update is live, and it brings with it some new hotfixes and fixes. This update includes fixes for the Ritual of the Season triumph, Suppression, and Void Volatile. Check out the patch notes below for more information. In addition to these new features, the game is still evolving and will continue to receive new content. Keep an eye out for more updates in the coming weeks. Below are some of the most important new things you can expect from the latest Destiny 2 update.


Destiny 2 recently received a hotfix to fix a few major problems in the game. This hotfix fixes several issues with raids and armor, as well as fixing an exploit that affected bosses in the Vault of Glass. The new version also fixes the issue that allows you to hide outside the Iron Banner’s Disjunction map. For more information on Hotfix for Destiny 2, read the full patch notes below.

Fixes for Ritual of the Season triumph

The latest update to Destiny 2 adds Season of the Hunt and Beyond Light content. These content updates include the Season of the Hunt armor and Beyond Light weapons. The Season of the Hunt armor is obtainable from engram vendors in the Vanguard, Crucible, and Gambit. If you’re playing the PlayStation 4 version, you can now unlock the Prime version of this armor in the Crucible. Once you’ve obtained it, you’ll find it on your “knockout list” in the Vanguard.


If you’re a hunter, you’ve probably wondered whether or not you should use Suppression on your enemies. Suppression is a new class ability in Destiny 2, and it relates to the Void subclass. Those who become afflicted with Suppression lose their active abilities and are unable to activate their movement modes. Furthermore, afflicted combatants are unable to fire weapons. Suppression can be a very powerful ability in Destiny 2, and if you’re a Vanguard bounty hunter, you might find yourself on a Suppression bounty.

Void Volatile

This latest Destiny 2 update has made the game’s Volatility subclass more powerful. In essence, Volatility is the perk that causes a target to be afflicted with unstable Void energy, causing the targets to explode and deal damage. As a result, the subclass is now equal to the Stasis subclass. However, a new quest, Employing the Uncertain, requires players to defeat a Vanguard enemy. The objective of this quest is to defeat the enemy and get the new Volatile subclass.

Trials of Osiris return in 2020

If you enjoyed Destiny 2’s first iteration, you’re going to love this new mode. This mode is an intense 3v3 competitive shooter. Your loot is tied to how many wins you get. And there’s a weekly goal to achieve to earn new rewards. In Destiny 2, you’ll be able to earn new rewards by winning multiple matches. Here’s what to expect when it launches in 2020.

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